in the face of true love you just don't give up
you'll see a lot of TV shows & films

It’s the weirdest thing. I feel like I’ve been in a coma for the past twenty years. And I’m just now waking up. Spectacular!





For me acting is a passion and an art, and always will only be that. I don’t have any rules when it comes to acting. I’ll do anything. But it depends on the script. Either I’ll have passion for the project or I won’t. It’s got to fuel me.

It [Mary’s inability to conceive] actually has made me a little bit paranoid about whether or not I can actually have children, as me, Adelaide. Not that I want to for another ten years but it made me think: That does happen…That happens.

Dylan O’Brien accepting Breakthrough Actor at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards


stolen quotes for crowen:

“my nightmares are usually about losing you. i’m okay once i realize you’re here.” ― katniss everdeen, catching fire


I can’t do this anymore,

I need my best friend.