in the face of true love you just don't give up
you'll see a lot of TV shows & films

Scott is not your little hero. None of them are. Not when they killed Allison.

We don’t judge. We’re the Non-Judging Breakfast Club. We’re your best friends. [x]

but if at the end you find the person you’ve become is not the person you want to be…you can always turn around and try again.And maybe the next time you won’t be so alone when it’s over.

The way I become friends with somebody is a slow process. You can’t just spill your guts and tell them everything about yourself and expect them to listen and understand you because you don’t know them.


I think it’s a great day. I ate an egg bagel that Lev’s slut made me. I internet-acquired three pairs of very rare Ray Bans. I’m doing awesome - Frances Ha (2012)

I don’t want to be the unrepentant bad boy, who no one cares lives or dies.

favorite blair waldorf outfits (season 5)